The composition of concrete mixer

From the car chassis, the mixing tube, transmission, water supply device, full power PTO, front and rear mixing tube bracket, part reducer, hydraulic transmission, access to material systems, control agencies. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestic mixer tank volume 3m3-8m3 the use of domestic four pieces, four pieces of most of the imported parts used by more than 8m3 volume. Mixer: the two types of chassis, powertrain, hydraulic systems, racks, mixing tank, out equipment, water systems, steering system, ladder and other components. Stirred tank front end reducer coupling mounted in front of the high quality concrete mixer machine for sale rack on stage, supported by the rear end by roller mounted in the rack back two idler.

Use concrete mixer First, the basic configuration of the concrete mixer

Concrete mixer mainly by the chassis, the mixing tube, drive (the drive), hydraulic drive system, water system, installed (into) materials and material unloading system, discharge chute, platform, operating system and protective equipment. Tilt angle: 15 degrees Rotational speed (r / min): 0 ~ 14 Concrete Slump (mm): 70-260 Direction of rotation: Clockwise feed, counterclockwise discharge Barrel material: high carbon steel 5-6mm Blade: 4.5mm double helical blades Discharge capacity: cone sinking 5cm / h Uninstall remaining amount: <1% cone sink 5cm / h

Second, the concrete mixer System Description

Mixing tube: the mixing tube used in the form of the model is a more general structural form, the mixing tube using the pear-shaped structure, the cleaning water and transportation as needed adding the mixing water, by the head into the mixing tube injection barrel at the discharge port. Transmission: The mixing tube-driven approach to the engine as the power source, the rear end of the engine PTO PTO, passing through the shaft to the variable piston pump, the quantitative plunger motor oil, was stirred by the reducer drive drum rotation. Mixing tube feeding and discharging system (loading and unloading mechanism): the auxiliary mixing tube is an important means to work. Operating system: the whole mixer control components, has opened a "SHAPE" slot on the control panel, the joystick space; and open slots on the back half of a finite bit holes for fixing the position of the joystick. The control system through the left rear of the car two joysticks to control the mixing tube, reverse and speed, so to finish out of the material, and the stirring action. Water supply system: concrete mixer of Construction Equipment Manual Concrete Placing Boom the water supply system is mainly used to clean the mixing device. The model of the water supply system has two types, one is the centrifugal pump water supply system; one is the pressure tank water supply system for the user option.

Third, concrete mixers Caution

1, the hydraulic system pressure should comply with the instructions for use, and shall not be adjusted. Hydraulic oil and fuel oil should comply with the original requirements. 2, before loading concrete mixers, you should drain the remaining water and mix barrel debris. During transport to keep the rotation to prevent concrete segregation. Before concrete mixer truck access to the site and unloading, should make full mixing drum to 14-18 rev / min rotation for 1-2 minutes, then invert discharge. Before reversing, should be parked mixing tube does not rotate. 3, the ambient temperature is above +25 degrees Celsius, from the loading, transport, the discharge duration shall not exceed 60 minutes, the ambient temperature is below +25 degrees Celsius, the above time shall not exceed 90 minutes. 4, winter construction, should be fully implemented: start before checking whether the ice; work when the barrel and mix carefully exclude residual water supply system, turn off the pump switch, the lever is placed in the "stop" position.

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