YESSS. ;U; I just have to send the rest of the payment and give the person I commissioned my address and stuff so she can send them, and just ahhhh, Im so excited! xD Ive been waiting since like January for this, and Ive been wanting to have a plushie made of one of my characters for so long, and Im actually getting that now and its not just one! :D Im more than a little excited, aha.
Im pretty sure I had something else to say here, too, but then I read the message about my plushies being done and now Ive toootally forgotten whatever it is I wanted to say, whooops. xD
WAIT, NO, I REMEMBER NOW, IT WAS ABOUT THE ECLIPSE. :D We only got a partial eclipse here, we had like 50-60% coverage I think? :o Dad has two welding masks, so I got to see it through both of them together, which was cool!
I took a few pictures through one of the welding masks that came out pretty well, and I took a few that werent through the mask too but they didnt turn out as well. :o Ill try to post some of the pictures I got here when I have the chance! :D I wont have my laptop until Wednesday, though, so I probably wont be able to post them here until at least then. .3.
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its already after nine thirty, and Im getting up kinda early tomorrow to go out in the boat with Dad and Melissa, so I think Im gonna go to bed for tonight. qoq
Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :o Ill try to get more written here then, if I can! :3
Good night guys! X3